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Training & Mentoring

Services to make everything that little bit less technical, leaving you to concentrate on running your business

Why Choose Cumbria Media?

We have years of experience in this sector and provide a personal 1:1 service. 

What can we do?

Website Training

When you invest in a website its important you keep it up to date. But if you dont know your text box from your domain name thats where we come in and help.

Computer Mentoring

Unsure on how to use certain aspects of a computer or dont know how to turn it on? We provide a personal and 1:1 service

Equipment Setup

Bought new equipment and dont know where to start? we can help!

Telephone Support

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meaning that your business never has downtime

 "After two years of being let down by others who promised to help set up our club shop and then did nothing, we came upon Cumbria Media almost by accident but were very fortunate in doing so.  Luke left his contact number for the staff to contact him with any problems they encountered with permission to just ring him at almost any time. The charges are very reasonable and I could not but recommend Cumbria Media to any future customer. Should you as a customer wish to ring me personally I would more than happy to relate to you our happy experience as a club with Cumbria Media."

T. A. Bolam - Todd B.A. (Hons) - Chairman of Whitehaven Rugby League Football Club.

What did TOM say?


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