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Making everything you do professional and consistent


Why Choose Cumbria Media?

We can manage your businesses communications and campaigns to ensure it is professional, consistent and easy to use whilst exploiting your businesses opportunities

What can we do?

Corporate Emails

Lets say your name is Peter and you own a business called Galaxy Media you could have your email as:


Selling advertising space or reaching you out to potential clients

Make long lasting relationships

Creating professional relationships with potential clients

Property Services

Liaising with potential tenants and arranging viewings so you can concentrate on whats important

Case Study

After making a bespoke website for Whitehaven AFC we where approached by the club and asked to act as their sponsorship coordinator. Collecting money from current boards and working with businesses to install new ones, our main work was to build long lasting relationships with businesses across Cumbria and further afield. We did this by:

  • Using our professional contacts over our many years of service

  • Using Linked In as a tool

  • Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Contacting businesses who have been associated with the club and other clubs in the area over the past several years

  • Researching businesses who are expanding

  • Trying to have one of every business on the pitch. 

In the first week we generated nearly £2K in revenue for the club!


Coach, Whitehaven AFC

Brilliant service, Luke is the main man for all your media needs, positive lad who knows his stuff and so helpful, makes everything seem easy and has great patient and excellent communication skills, can't rate him and the business highly enough!!

Committee Whitehaven AFC

We were looking for a new Website as our Football club has grown greatly over the last few years. We looked at what Cumbria Media has previously produced and after a quick chat our plans were in place. 
We are over the moon to end up having a site looking as professional as a premier league club, and even using the same platform. 

Together we can Fundraising

Amazing service always from Luke. Thanks for all your support with my business over the last 15 months


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